Friday, September 2, 2011

Shake, Rattle and Dolls

The land where drama comes from
So California turned out to be. Turns out we were all wrong. I lived in Cali during my preteen/teen years and so for me it was heaven. It is a beautiful place as long as you don't go to Ventura beach. I made some great friends and after a few years the evil one was shipped off to live in Florida with daddy. She of course tortured me as much as possible beforehand. I remember one time she chased me around the house with a knife. The most talked about at family dinners is the time she was in charge (like an older sibling usually is) and she was mad at me for something so she locked me out of the house, I tried getting back in for a minute and then realized chores were inside and friends were outside. So I went and got my friends to play. We played for a good hour before the evil one looked out the window expecting to see me in a river of my own tears. Enraged she stormed outside and demanded I come in immediately. I was having fun so I ignored her.  This infuriated her even more so she walked outside and grabbed my leg. I squirmed and cried but she was not going to allow me to have fun. She ended up dragging me all the way into the house by my leg (a good 30 ft up a small ledge and through the door stoop) She then proceeded to make me do all the chores that we were supposed to do for the day. By the way did I mention I was wearing white shorts???

7 day after my 11th birthday the big Northridge earthquake hit. I was at a friends house on a rolling bed and I remember that the fan stayed on the whole time. The only reason I know this is because I remember that the fan would get closer then farther as we shook. I must have been having a bad dream because before this time I didn't know my previous spoke of powers worked while I was sleeping. I had known that this event was coming because a few weeks before, we had an earthquake drill at school, it scared me so much I came home terrified. The sarg called from AZ where he was working for the week and lectured me about being scared of earthquakes. He told me that we had hundreds of earthquakes every day and I never even knew they happened. This soothed and helped with the anxiety for awhile. Then the big one at 4:30AM hit us. Not knowing how to react I ran home(across the street) as the sarg was walking out of the house to check the news in the car. I ran up to him and without even asking about mom or the evil one I said " did my porcelain dolls make it?" That really show you that children can be so selfish and inconsiderate.

By the way the evil one slept through the entire quake......... brat!

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